Sit Down Somewhere

Denise SockwellChrist, Faith, God, Gospel, Spiritual Growth, Worship

Luke 10:38-42 We continue the Show Your Love Series with a look at the story of Mary and Martha. What does worship look like at your house? Are you sitting at Jesus’ feet like Mary? God is sitting in our family room waiting on us to spend time with him.

Star Witness

Denise SockwellChrist, Faith, God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Love, Spiritual Growth

Rev. Keiko Anderson brings a message entitled “Star Witness”. GOD wants us to lead a quiet life, mind our business, and work so that we can be a STAR WITNESS. This requires us to love others more and more.

But I Had a Praying…

Denise SockwellChrist, Prayer

Happy Mother’s Day! Alysia Friday brings the message entitled “But I Had a Praying…”. She teaches us the importance of prayer. It changes our posture and our hearts. When we pray to God, He hears, and He answers our prayers.

Reckless Love

Denise SockwellChrist, Jesus, Love

John 3:16 He is Risen! Lead Pastor Gaylon Clark brings an impactful message on Easter Sunday entitled “Reckless Love”. He teaches us the magnitude of God’s love for us. God loves us so much that all we have to do to enjoy his love is to believe.  

Please Get Somebody Else

Denise SockwellChrist, Fear, God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Love

Exodus 3 -4 Pastor Gaylon Clark continues the series called “When the Church Leaves the Building” with the message “Please Get Somebody Else”. What do we do after the closing prayer on Sunday? Having gathered with the saved on Sunday, how do we partner with God in witnessing to the unsaved the rest of the week? Moses is a good …

The Best Supporting Actor

Denise SockwellChrist, Faith, God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Love

Today, Pastor Gaylon Clark begins a news series called “When the Church Leaves the Building”. He is preaching from the subject “The Best Supporting Actor”. What do we do after the songs have been sung and the sermon is over? How do we play our part in the story?

I Gotta Get Out of Here!

Denise SockwellBetrayal, Christ, God, Jesus

Psalm 55 This is the last sermon in the Coming Out of Darkness series. Today Pastor Clark is preaching from the subject “I Gotta Get Out of Here!” For those who have ever quit something because of the people, you have to deal with. God gives us the strength and discernment to follow through to the end.

The Selfishness That Lies Beneath

Denise SockwellBlessing, Christ, Selfishness, Shame

Pastor Clark continues the series entitled What Lies Beneath. We are addressing the hidden enemies that keep us from fighting for what God says is ours. Getting to the root causes of spiritual mediocrity and lethargy so we can live the life God has dreamed for us. Today Pastor Clark speaks on “The Selfishness That Lies Beneath.” Selfishness is the …