Life Stages

Connect, serve, and grow at every life stage


What are Life Stages?

Every member of Greater is part of an organizational model based upon age that we call “Life Stages”.

Life stages are the ages and stages we go through as we learn and grow, from infancy to adulthood. Each stage of life builds upon the next and prepares a person for future life stages.


Why Life Stages?

We’ve discovered that people naturally gather with others with common interests, experiences, and age. Recognizing that people are in different stages of life, we encourage people to grow spiritually and connect in relationships through STAGE appropriate programming and formation experiences such as bible study, fellowships, small groups, and serving opportunities.

Each life stage has its own overseer/pastor who provides pastoral care, oversight to lay leaders, and encourages participation in small groups, fellowship, and serving activities.

Life Stages


6 months to 10 years old


11 years old — 18 years old


College & Career

18 years old — 24 years old


Young Adults

25 years old — 34 years old


35 years old — 44 years old


45 years old — 54 years old


55 years old — 64 years old


65 years old +