What’s Your Next Move?

Denise SockwellSpiritual Growth

Pastor Gaylon Clark teaches from 1 Peter 2:1-3 with the sermon entitled “What’s Your Next Move?”. Spiritual growth is a gift we give ourselves and we have to choose to grow intentionally. As we determine where we are spiritually we have to determine our next move.

It’s Your Time

Denise SockwellSpiritual Growth

Rev. Chris Simmons brings a sermon entitled “It’s Your Time”. We were uniquely crafted by the Father. It’s foundational for us to understand that God has knit us for his unique purpose. It’s your Time to Hear, to Believe, and to Obey God’s Word.

Sit Down Somewhere

Denise SockwellChrist, Faith, God, Gospel, Spiritual Growth, Worship

Luke 10:38-42 We continue the Show Your Love Series with a look at the story of Mary and Martha. What does worship look like at your house? Are you sitting at Jesus’ feet like Mary? God is sitting in our family room waiting on us to spend time with him.

Hair Like Yours

Denise SockwellGod, Gospel, Grace, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Love, Pride, Race, Spiritual Growth

Pastor Gaylon Clark begins a news series called “Grace & Race”. He is teaching from the subject “Hair Like Yours”. In this sermon, he talks about the presence of black people in the bible. The bible is filled with people who had African blood flowing through their veins. This is something that God apparently wants us to know because the …

Star Witness

Denise SockwellChrist, Faith, God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Love, Spiritual Growth

Rev. Keiko Anderson brings a message entitled “Star Witness”. GOD wants us to lead a quiet life, mind our business, and work so that we can be a STAR WITNESS. This requires us to love others more and more.