Contents Under Pressure

Denise SockwellAdversity, God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Prayer

Today’s message is about when to go to God as our Rock and gaining proper resolution when the pressure is at its Highest. Rev. Dr. Brandon Jones touched on these points: Knowing when to Talk to “THE ROCK”. Knowing how to Obey “THE ROCK”. Acting like you Know “THE ROCK”.

But I Had a Praying…

Denise SockwellChrist, Prayer

Happy Mother’s Day! Alysia Friday brings the message entitled “But I Had a Praying…”. She teaches us the importance of prayer. It changes our posture and our hearts. When we pray to God, He hears, and He answers our prayers.

What Happens Here Changes the World

Denise SockwellPrayer

1 Timothy 2:1-8 Rev. Chris Simmons continues the Prayer Lives Matter series with a message entitled “What Happens Here Changes the World”. In his sermon he discusses the importance of prayer for all, also more explicitly, for those who are in leadership.


Denise SockwellPrayer

2 Chronicles 7:14 Student Pastor Dejon Campbell kicks off a new sermon series called Prayer Lives Matter with a message about confession and its impact on our ability to communicate with God. There is a model we can follow to get back on track with our faith walk and it starts with recognizing who God made us to be.