Making the Best of a Bad Situation

Denise Sockwell

Pastor Coatney helps us cope with the unprecedented season that we are in. He challenges us to keep praying and praising God in the midst of your struggle. Psalm 88

The Intercessor

Denise Sockwell

At the end of our lives we will be remembered by the words we chose to speak and the actions we chose to take. As we look at John 17, we are reminded of the specific words Jesus chose to use to speak to those in his time and to us 2,000+ years later. In His farewell address, Jesus chose …

When God’s People Pray

Denise Sockwell

During times of stress, anger, and frustration praying often isn’t our first resort. Pastor Coatney reminds us of the peace and power connected to our prayers.

What’s Your Next Move?

Denise SockwellSpiritual Growth

Pastor Gaylon Clark teaches from 1 Peter 2:1-3 with the sermon entitled “What’s Your Next Move?”. Spiritual growth is a gift we give ourselves and we have to choose to grow intentionally. As we determine where we are spiritually we have to determine our next move.


Denise Sockwell

Today we are looking at a passage that simplifies God’s expectations. That helps us understand what it looks like to worship God daily. Pastor Gaylon Clark begins a new series called “Show Your Love Daily”. His message is entitled “Keep. It. Simple.”.

Worship on Earth As It Is In Heaven

Denise SockwellWorship

Pastor Gaylon Clark continues his “Show Your Love” series. His message is entitled “Worship on Earth as It Is in Heaven.” A view of what is happening in heaven will inspire us to praise God even when the life we enjoy has been interrupted.

Building a Resilient Faith

Denise Sockwell

Guest Preacher Pastor Jeremy Upton brings the sermon “Building a Resilient Faith”. We have to develop a resilience in our faith. The more pressure we face, the stronger our faith gets.

But I Had a Praying…

Denise SockwellChrist, Prayer

Happy Mother’s Day! Alysia Friday brings the message entitled “But I Had a Praying…”. She teaches us the importance of prayer. It changes our posture and our hearts. When we pray to God, He hears, and He answers our prayers.

Pursuing God’s Promises Through Prayer

Denise Sockwell

Today, Pastor Vecente’ Coatney II continues the Prayer Lives Matter series with a message entitled “Pursuing God’s Promises Through Prayer”. He teaches us that we should pray boldly, persistently, and expectantly in pursuit of God’s promises.

This Is How You Do It

Denise Sockwell

Pastor White continues the Prayer Lives Matter series with a message entitled “This Is How We Do It”. In his sermon, he discusses how to pray from the Prayer Master, Jesus.