A Mother’s Prayer

Denise SockwellMother's Day

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, Rev. Denise Pierce walks us through Mary’s interaction with a young Jesus. How does a mother balance birthing, nurturing, and raising children that ultimately are uniquely their own individuals in Christ?

The Ministry of a Mother

Denise Sockwell

The ministry of Paul is not the same without the ministry of Timothy. However, the ministry of Timothy would not have been possible without the influence of his mother! This is a unique role and is the signature privilege that God has given mothers.

But I Had a Praying…

Denise SockwellChrist, Prayer

Happy Mother’s Day! Alysia Friday brings the message entitled “But I Had a Praying…”. She teaches us the importance of prayer. It changes our posture and our hearts. When we pray to God, He hears, and He answers our prayers.