Lessons from Adam’s Fight

Denise SockwellTemptation

Rev. Denise Pierce starts a new series entitled “Fight For Your Life” stressing that for us to grow spiritually, we must get stronger in our ability to fight temptation.

What’s Your Vision

Denise Sockwell

“What’s Your Vision?”. What we see today determines where we will be tomorrow! And the reality is often greater than the dream. Today we are talking about the vision of impactful service for Christ. Hebrews 5:11-6:1

What’s Your Next Move?

Denise SockwellSpiritual Growth

Pastor Gaylon Clark teaches from 1 Peter 2:1-3 with the sermon entitled “What’s Your Next Move?”. Spiritual growth is a gift we give ourselves and we have to choose to grow intentionally. As we determine where we are spiritually we have to determine our next move.

The Choice to Rejoice

Denise Sockwell

Today, Pastor Gaylon Clark brings a sermon entitled “Choice to Rejoice”. He shares a passage where Paul is urging us to choose joy wherever we are. Paul was not urging us to do something he could not do himself. He was not asking us to do the impossible or pretend to be okay when we are not, but to rejoice.

Training Camp

Denise Sockwell

The work we put in, the commitment to learning, the sacrifices we make, the spiritual disciplines we engage, the challenges we embrace are our Training Camp. They determine whether or not we will live a championship life.

Are You Focused?

Denise Sockwell

Men’s Ministry Leader, Rev. DeVry Anderson. His sermon is entitled “Are You Focused?”. We look at the bible story where Jesus healing the blind man. Similar to the blind man, this is how it is with us a lot of the time. We are in the presence of God, and yet somehow the healing change that we need, the restoration …

What’s Up, Fam?

Denise Sockwell

God calls us to prioritize our spiritual family as well as our biological family. Since we are a spiritual family we each have specific roles in the family fulfill for one another.

How Do Christians Grow?

Denise Sockwell

Pastor Gaylon Clark shares with us the spiritual habits that result in growth no matter our level of maturity in the faith.

Can You Count to One?

Denise Sockwell

We start a new series called ReStart for Growth with the message Can You Count to One? Human achievements, worldly measures of significance and religious deeds do not make us acceptable to God. They are not the source of real joy. They do not give us real, lasting value. There is only one thing that is required for that: A …

The Ultimate Fighter

Denise Sockwell

We serve an undefeated God! We are no match for the opposition we face because He secures the victory on our behalf. Learn what it means to live under the reign of The Ultimate Fighter. Selected scriptures from 2 Chronicles 20