Lessons from Adam’s Fight

Denise Sockwell Temptation

Rev. Denise Pierce starts a new series entitled “Fight For Your Life” stressing that for us to grow spiritually, we must get stronger in our ability to fight temptation.

The Price of Pride

Denise Sockwell Pride, Temptation

Rev. Dejon Campbell concludes the Surviving Temptation Island Series with the sermon “The Price of Pride”. He shows us that pride tempts us when there is a problem. Pride rejects wisdom and never tells the full story.

Conquering the Temptation to Deny Christ

Denise Sockwell Christ, Temptation

Today Rev. Chris Simmons continues the Surviving Temptation Island Series, with his message entitled Conquering the Temptation to Deny Christ. He takes us through the story of Peter. He reminds us of God’s faithfulness and his love for us.

Liberated from Lust

Denise Sockwell Sexuality, Temptation

Rev. Denise Pierce tackles the subject of lust and sexuality in the second week of our teaching series Surviving Temptation Island.

Mastering Materialism

Denise Sockwell Finances, Materialism, Temptation

Pastor Vecente’ Coatney kicks off our new teaching series Surviving Temptation Island and speaks on how financial temptations can get in the way of God’s blessing for our lives.