What Happens Here Changes the World

Denise Sockwell Prayer

1 Timothy 2:1-8 Rev. Chris Simmons continues the Prayer Lives Matter series with a message entitled “What Happens Here Changes the World”. In his sermon he discusses the importance of prayer for all, also more explicitly, for those who are in leadership.


Denise Sockwell Prayer

2 Chronicles 7:14 Student Pastor Dejon Campbell kicks off a new sermon series called Prayer Lives Matter with a message about confession and its impact on our ability to communicate with God. There is a model we can follow to get back on track with our faith walk and it starts with recognizing who God made us to be.

Turn Up The Sound

Denise Sockwell Gospel

1 Corinthians 15:1-15 Pastor Gaylon Clark continues the series called “When the Church Leaves the Building”. Today’s sermon is entitled “Turn Up the Sound”. It is not enough for people to see the footage of our lives. They need the sound to understand what they see. Even if we give the quality footage of the Christian life, they need the …

Maximize the Moment

Denise Sockwell

Colossians 4:5-6 In this message Pastor Coatney challenges us as believers to leverage the time and interactions around us to share our faith. To walk in wisdom as God gives us the words to showcase how great our God is to those who may not know Him.

Please Get Somebody Else

Denise Sockwell Christ, Fear, God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Love

Exodus 3 -4 Pastor Gaylon Clark continues the series called “When the Church Leaves the Building” with the message “Please Get Somebody Else”. What do we do after the closing prayer on Sunday? Having gathered with the saved on Sunday, how do we partner with God in witnessing to the unsaved the rest of the week? Moses is a good …

Waiting to Win

Denise Sockwell Patience

Psalm 46 Sometimes God will place you in a circumstance where you will feel like you are ‘stuck in the mud’. Pastor Clark helps us understand how you can ‘wait’, while you are waiting.

Come Clean

Denise Sockwell

Lead Pastor Gaylon Clark continues the series entitled Coming Out of the Darkness with his sermon “Come Clean”. For many of us, the greatest source of adversity in our lives is persistent sin. We underestimate how much of our hurt and hardship is the result of our bad choices.

The Worth of Women

Denise Sockwell

This Sunday, Lead Pastor Gaylon Clark and Reverend Denise Pierce introduce a short series called “Us Too” with the sermon “The Worth of Women”. They show us three things the Bible teaches us about the worth of a woman.

A Smart Return on Giving

Denise Sockwell

We conclude our Smart Money with the sermon “A Smart Return on Giving”. We receive real returns when we invest in God’s work; returns that we feel and see in daily and practical ways; returns that improve our quality of life.

A Smart Percentage to Give

Denise Sockwell

Lead Pastor Gaylon Clark continues his series called Smart Money with the sermon “A Smart Percentage to Give”. In this message we tackle the definition of a tithe and clear up some false assumptions about giving.