Waiting to Win

Denise Sockwell Patience

Psalm 46 Sometimes God will place you in a circumstance where you will feel like you are ‘stuck in the mud’. Pastor Clark helps us understand how you can ‘wait’, while you are waiting.

Come Clean

Denise Sockwell

Lead Pastor Gaylon Clark continues the series entitled Coming Out of the Darkness with his sermon “Come Clean”. For many of us, the greatest source of adversity in our lives is persistent sin. We underestimate how much of our hurt and hardship is the result of our bad choices.

The Worth of Women

Denise Sockwell

This Sunday, Lead Pastor Gaylon Clark and Reverend Denise Pierce introduce a short series called “Us Too” with the sermon “The Worth of Women”. They show us three things the Bible teaches us about the worth of a woman.

A Smart Return on Giving

Denise Sockwell

We conclude our Smart Money with the sermon “A Smart Return on Giving”. We receive real returns when we invest in God’s work; returns that we feel and see in daily and practical ways; returns that improve our quality of life.

A Smart Percentage to Give

Denise Sockwell

Lead Pastor Gaylon Clark continues his series called Smart Money with the sermon “A Smart Percentage to Give”. In this message we tackle the definition of a tithe and clear up some false assumptions about giving.

The Jealousy That Lies Beneath

Denise Sockwell

Pastor Clark concludes the series entitled What Lies Beneath. We are addressing the hidden enemies that keep us from fighting for what God says is ours. Getting to the root causes of spiritual mediocrity and lethargy so we can live the life God has dreamed for us. Today Pastor Clark speaks on “The Jealousy That Lies Beneath.” All of us …