Send Me an S.O.S.

Denise SockwellAdversity

Are you prepared for physical emergencies? Flashlight, emergency water, etc.? In this message, Rev. Keiko Anderson challenges us to make sure we are ready, spiritually for the troubles that may come. The story of Daniel and the lion’s den gives us insight into our RESCUE plan.

Making the Best of a Bad Situation

Denise Sockwell

Pastor Coatney helps us cope with the unprecedented season that we are in. He challenges us to keep praying and praising God in the midst of your struggle. Psalm 88

Shift Happens

Denise Sockwell

There are seasons in our lives where we feel stuck and can’t figure out how to get out. Rev. Keiko Anderson helps us by looking at Peter and interaction with someone who was stuck to identify the 5 keys to getting unstuck. Acts 9:32-35

Finishing After Failures

Denise Sockwell

Struggling with defeat? Guest Pastor Kevin White of Waco, Texas closes our Restart With Jesus series with an inspirational message about bouncing back from failures.

Start Where You Are

Denise Sockwell

Many times in our lives we want to wait for the perfect circumstances to move forward on what God wants for us, guest minister Rashawn Copeland joins us and reminds us that where you are, right now, is exactly where God wants you to start.

What Shall the Righteous Do?

Denise Sockwell

In the wake of injustices across our nation Pastor Gaylon Clark takes time to help us unpack our anger, fear, and desire for justice as we look at Psalm 11 through the message ‘What Shall The Righteous Do?’.

Lessons from Jesus’ Fight

Denise Sockwell

Pastor Vecente’ Coatney II continues the Fight for Your Life series with a sermon entitled “Lessons from Jesus’ Fight”. Jesus teaches us that no matter what temptation(s) we face, we can live with victory over temptation.

Lessons from Adam’s Fight

Denise SockwellTemptation

Rev. Denise Pierce starts a new series entitled “Fight For Your Life” stressing that for us to grow spiritually, we must get stronger in our ability to fight temptation.

The Choice to Rejoice

Denise Sockwell

Today, Pastor Gaylon Clark brings a sermon entitled “Choice to Rejoice”. He shares a passage where Paul is urging us to choose joy wherever we are. Paul was not urging us to do something he could not do himself. He was not asking us to do the impossible or pretend to be okay when we are not, but to rejoice.

Training Camp

Denise Sockwell

The work we put in, the commitment to learning, the sacrifices we make, the spiritual disciplines we engage, the challenges we embrace are our Training Camp. They determine whether or not we will live a championship life.