Get In the Boat

Denise Sockwell

Lead Pastor Gaylon Clark kicks off a 2 week sermon series, Overcoming the Fear of Water. This first message is titled Get In the Boat.

I Have a Dream

Denise Sockwell

The Grace and Race series finale! This sermon is entitled “I Have a Dream”. God wants to use you and me to reach those of another race. What we do for others is of immense significance!

The Crack Is Still There

Denise Sockwell

Pastor Gaylon Clark continues a series called “Grace & Race”. His sermon today is entitled “The Crack Is Still There”. The crack in the Liberty Bell is an object lesson that reminds us everything that has been promised has not been provided to everyone in our country. Many of the opportunities and privileges of life in America are still determined …

Invisible Walls

Denise Sockwell

Our next sermon in the Grace & Race series is entitled “Invisible Walls”.  As human beings we are good at building walls – economic walls, gender walls, educational walls and, yes, racial walls. But when Jesus died, he tore down the walls that divide us. We are all sharing the same bloodline now, the blood of Jesus. We all are …

But I Had a Praying…

Denise Sockwell Christ, Prayer

Happy Mother’s Day! Alysia Friday brings the message entitled “But I Had a Praying…”. She teaches us the importance of prayer. It changes our posture and our hearts. When we pray to God, He hears, and He answers our prayers.

Pursuing God’s Promises Through Prayer

Denise Sockwell

Today, Pastor Vecente’ Coatney II continues the Prayer Lives Matter series with a message entitled “Pursuing God’s Promises Through Prayer”. He teaches us that we should pray boldly, persistently, and expectantly in pursuit of God’s promises.

This Is How You Do It

Denise Sockwell

Pastor White continues the Prayer Lives Matter series with a message entitled “This Is How We Do It”. In his sermon, he discusses how to pray from the Prayer Master, Jesus.

Reckless Love

Denise Sockwell Christ, Jesus, Love

John 3:16 He is Risen! Lead Pastor Gaylon Clark brings an impactful message on Easter Sunday entitled “Reckless Love”. He teaches us the magnitude of God’s love for us. God loves us so much that all we have to do to enjoy his love is to believe.