Water baptism

Who can be baptized?

Anyone who has accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

Those who accept the message about Jesus are to submit to baptism. It’s not necessary for salvation, but it is necessary for obedience. It’s a big deal to God because it points to the genuine nature of one’s faith.

"Those who accepted the message were baptized…"
Acts 2:41

What is water baptism?

When a believer is water baptized it pictures the death of your old patterns and priorities. The lowest point of your descent into the water represents the burial of your old life. Being lifted out of the water symbolizes the new and better life you are beginning in Christ.

How do I get baptized?

After you have accepted Christ, your next step is to be baptized. Prior to baptism you must complete a Baptism Class on a date that works best for you. 

For children (1st-5th grade) wanting to be baptized please complete the form and a leader from our Children’s Ministry will reach out with next steps.


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