Help From the Holy Spirit

Denise Sockwell

Pastor Vecente Coatney brings today’s sermon “Help From the Holy Spirit”. Jesus wants us to know that in order to become all that God desires and destines us to be, it requires that we rely on the help that comes from the Holy Spirit.

Manna 2.0

Denise Sockwell

Pastor Clark continues the Restart with Jesus series helping us understand the significance of manna throughout the Bible and how Jesus, ‘upgraded’ manna for us all.

A Life That’s Lit

Denise Sockwell

Born Day Bash to celebrate Jesus. He is the Light of Christmas. He is the Light of the World. Pastor Gaylon Clark’s sermon is entitled “A Life That’s Lit”.

About That Life

Denise Sockwell

When it comes to living for Jesus, are you about that life? What are you willing to do? What are you willing to give up to be the best Christian you can be? Pastor Gaylon Clark continues his series called “Show Your Love Daily”. His message today is entitled “About That Life”. Romans 12:1-2

When Life Makes You Want to Quit

Denise Sockwell

There are times in our lives when everything that could go wrong does go wrong. But we are reminded that we should refocus on the Right Stuff, realize that God will Refresh Us, and we will find refuge in the ROCK. Pastor Vecente’ Coatney II brings the message this Sunday. His sermon is entitled ” When Life Makes You Wanna …

Turn Up The Sound

Denise SockwellGospel

1 Corinthians 15:1-15 Pastor Gaylon Clark continues the series called “When the Church Leaves the Building”. Today’s sermon is entitled “Turn Up the Sound”. It is not enough for people to see the footage of our lives. They need the sound to understand what they see. Even if we give the quality footage of the Christian life, they need the …