Take Yo Shoes Off

Denise SockwellWorship

Exodus 3:1-10 To show your love to God in worship, you have to enter the sanctuary, i.e. family room like it is a special place. We may have to enter this room in a way that is different than we have before. This is holy ground! God is here and we must honor him by taking off our shoes in …

Chop It Up

Denise SockwellWorship

Pastor Clark continues the Show Your Love series by reminding us that God expects his children to talk to him in public worship. God is saying to us, “Don’t give me the silent treatment in the sanctuary!” We are here to chop it up with God at church.

Full Body Worship

Denise SockwellWorship

Pastor Gaylon Clark begins a new series called “Show Your Love”. His message today is entitled “Full Body Worship”. There is a physicality to worshiping God. When we come together in worship, God is listening to our bodies. What is your body saying about your love for God?

Building a Resilient Faith

Denise Sockwell

Guest Preacher Pastor Jeremy Upton brings the sermon “Building a Resilient Faith”. We have to develop a resilience in our faith. The more pressure we face, the stronger our faith gets.

I Have a Dream

Denise Sockwell

The Grace and Race series finale! This sermon is entitled “I Have a Dream”. God wants to use you and me to reach those of another race. What we do for others is of immense significance!

They’re Not Coming to Us

Denise Sockwell

Colossians 4:5-6 Today, Pastor Gaylon Clark concludes the “When the Church Leaves the Building” series with a sermon entitled “They’re Not Coming to Us”. The spiritual market has changed. People who do not know Jesus are no longer willing to come to a church building to shop for their spiritual needs. So, we have to envision a way to capture …

Turn Up The Sound

Denise SockwellGospel

1 Corinthians 15:1-15 Pastor Gaylon Clark continues the series called “When the Church Leaves the Building”. Today’s sermon is entitled “Turn Up the Sound”. It is not enough for people to see the footage of our lives. They need the sound to understand what they see. Even if we give the quality footage of the Christian life, they need the …