The Intercessor

Denise Sockwell

At the end of our lives we will be remembered by the words we chose to speak and the actions we chose to take. As we look at John 17, we are reminded of the specific words Jesus chose to use to speak to those in his time and to us 2,000+ years later. In His farewell address, Jesus chose …

Help From the Holy Spirit

Denise Sockwell

Pastor Vecente Coatney brings today’s sermon “Help From the Holy Spirit”. Jesus wants us to know that in order to become all that God desires and destines us to be, it requires that we rely on the help that comes from the Holy Spirit.

What Shall the Righteous Do?

Denise Sockwell

In the wake of injustices across our nation Pastor Gaylon Clark takes time to help us unpack our anger, fear, and desire for justice as we look at Psalm 11 through the message ‘What Shall The Righteous Do?’.

The Messiah Knows

Denise Sockwell

With all of the unknowns in life, it is reassuring to know that the Messiah knows. Join us as we reflect on John 4:7-26, an interaction between Jesus and a woman at a well.

The Winemaker

Denise Sockwell

Pastor Clark continues the ‘Restart with Jesus Series’ by focusing on Jesus’ water to wine miracle. When it comes to joy, the leadership of Jesus matters. He can introduce you to the joy you never had or have since forgotten.

What Jesus Did For Us

Denise Sockwell

Pastor Coatney continues the Restart With Jesus series by speaking about the sacrifices made by Christ to showcase the immeasurable love that God has for us. 2 Corinthians 5:21

The Lamb King

Denise Sockwell

Pastor Clark teaches that Jesus as the Lamb of God died in our place and we must trust him for forgiveness. John 1:29-34  

The Living Bible

Denise Sockwell

As the Word, Jesus is the primary way God communicates to us, through Jesus God shares his love, his plan and tells us who he is. What matters most to God is conveyed through the life and teaching of his Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Living Bible!

It’s Our Time

Denise Sockwell

We are called to be God’s hands and feet in the world, now is the time for us to accept the challenge to be the messengers of change in our families and circles of influence. Trusting God over our fears to put our faith into action.

Lessons from Adam’s Fight

Denise Sockwell Temptation

Rev. Denise Pierce starts a new series entitled “Fight For Your Life” stressing that for us to grow spiritually, we must get stronger in our ability to fight temptation.