Child Dedication

It's our privilege to be your partner in the spiritual formation of your family. We look forward to an amazing journey together.

What is Child Dedication?

A ceremonial recognition of the partnership between parents and the church to create an environment that focuses on faith, prayer, and godly living


Why do we do it?

  • We are invested in the health and wholeness of all GMZ families. 
  • The Church is God’s vehicle for active faith in families.
  • Parenting is important and every decision requires God’s guidance.
  • Parenting is stronger when done through faith-based community.

What to expect

  • Child dedication takes place after the 12 pm Sunday worship service.
  • A charge and commitment to the parents will be presented before family and friends.
  • Each child will be prayed over individually by the Pastor.

How do I participate?

Register here for the class for parents
Child Dedication Class