Disengaged Men


We are coaching men to be fully engaged husbands, fathers, employees, and community leaders. When Black men are actively engaged in church, community, and family life, it can have a positive impact on society in several ways:

  • Stronger Families: Active involvement of men in their families contributes to the formation of strong, stable, and supportive family units. This involvement can include participating in parenting, nurturing relationships, and being present in their children’s lives. Stronger families provide a nurturing environment for children’s development and overall well-being.
  • Positive Role Models: Men who actively engage in family life serve as positive role models for their children and the broader community.
  • Improved Child Outcomes: Research suggests that children who have involved fathers, including Black fathers, tend to have better cognitive, social, and emotional development. They often perform better academically, have improved self-esteem, and exhibit healthier relationships and behavioral outcomes. This positive impact extends to future generations, as children who grow up with engaged fathers are more likely to become involved parents themselves.
  • Economic Stability: Engagement in family life can contribute to economic stability and upward mobility for their families. Active involvement in parenting can lead to better educational outcomes for children, increased workforce participation by both parents, and improved financial resources. This, in turn, can help break the cycle of poverty and promote economic empowerment within the Black community.
  • Community Well-being: When Black men are actively engaged in their families, it strengthens the overall fabric of the community. Involved fathers can contribute to safer neighborhoods, reduced crime rates, and improved community cohesion. Their positive influence within the family unit extends to broader social networks, positively impacting the well-being of their children, partners, and community members.

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