DVD Study ID# W29

Denise Sockwell DVD Study, Evening, Round Rock, Singles, Wednesday

Host: Alexis Horn

Wed 7 pm ID# W29 Singles and Dating Couples

Area: Round Rock

DVD Study: Sacred Search by Gary Thomas

The Sacred Search, is designed to help you make a spectacular, God-honoring choice. Explore with Gary why it’s so important to know the why of marriage before you can even begin to know the who of marriage; gain practical advice for building a relationship with eternal purposes.


Session 1: Making a Wise Marital Choice: The Gift That Keeps On Giving (32:03 minutes)
Session 2: The Myth of the One (21:07 minutes)
Session 3: Driving a Punto: Passive Surrender or Passionate Pursuit (23:29 minutes)
Session 4: What Do You Mean by “Married”? (24:53 minutes)
Session 5 and 6: Why You Don’t Want What You Think You Want and Why You Need to Think about What You Don’t Know (30:02 and 26:52 minutes)
Session 7: Sex and the Neurochemical War (22:03 minutes)
Session 8: Mercy Marriages (19:22 minutes)


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