DVD Group ID#W65

Denise Sockwell CoEd, DVD Study, Evening, Millenials, South Austin

Host: Mickey Cappello

Wednesday 7 pm  ID#W65 – Millenials

Area: South Austin

DVD Study: Life Management – Rick Warren

Worship is not just religious activity. Worship is living all of your life for the glory of God.

How you see your life will shape your life. Your perspective will influence how you invest your time, spend your money, use your talents, value your relationships, and even face hardships. In this six session small group study, you will learn to see your life from God’s point of view, and to worship God by managing your life for his glory.

Sessions include:

  • Making the Most of What God Gives Me
  • Managing My Troubles
  • Managing My Time
  • Managing My Talents
  • Managing My Treasure
  • Managing My Team