Love Our City


LOVE OUR CITY: April 9-16, 2022

When love is on display, people have hope.

When love shines through, we make an impact on the people around us,  in our community, and in the city. Jesus told us to “Love our neighbors as we love ourselves.” LOVE OUR CITY is an opportunity for us to be better neighbors, spread kindness in our community, and be the change we want to see in the world.


Love Our City is more than an event. It's a culture of love and serving others. We want to be people who show the love of God in the most tangible ways. Love Our City is where we come together as a church family to serve the needs of our community. Below are listed several kindness projects that you, your small group, or ministry group can register for that we hope will serve as a catalyst that will continue all year long.


In addition to our church sponsored kindness projects here is a list of suggested ideas you can do on your own or create your own.

Ideas for Individuals/Families:

  • Allowing someone to go ahead of you in line
  • Paying for someone’s coffee/food at a restaurant
  • Helping people with carry out at a store (with permission)
  • Taking treats to your neighbors
  • Buy a gift card and hand it to someone going into the store as you are leaving
  • Write a “Thank You” card to your mail carrier, firemen, police officers
  • Be intentional and give genuine, unexpected compliments
  • Tell store managers about a great employee or service you received
  • Leave a bonus tip for a server and an encouraging note
  • Pray with/for a waiter/waitress and encourage them
  • Do something special for teachers at your local school
  • Text three people daily an encouraging message

Ideas for Small Groups/Families:

  • Host a free garage sale
  • Hand out gatorade and towels at your local gym
  • Set up a prayer area outside of your local hospital and pray for families in need
  • Bottled water giveaway (different locations)
  • Paying for washing and/or drying at a laundry mat
  • Handing out crayons and coloring books to kids (Dollar Store supplies)
  • Cereal bar/granola bar handout
  • Deliver treats to a Fire Station or EMS
  • Do something special for teachers at your local school
  • Assemble care packages for a nursing home and deliver them
  • Adopt a classroom; help provide items that are needed
  • Pass out free stamps at your local post office

Below are serve opportunities and practical ways we plan to LOVE and BLESS our city.


See the LOVE OUR CITY projects and serving opportunities and sign up!

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